Matt Peters: Celebrity Killa!


Pat Morita

November 24, 2005


Matt Peters loved Karate Kid. He taught himself

martial arts by watching that movie, and he idolized Mr. Miyagi.


Everything was good with Pat Morita and Matt Peters until the two met

in a Friendly's Family Restaurant. Pat Morita had brought most of his family

and made a big order. It took Matt Peters quite a while to fill the

whole order and when the food was finally brought out, Morita's family

complained about the wait.


When Matt Peters found out, he stormed out, ready to kill Pat Morita's daughter-in-law,

who had made the accusation. Before Matt could confront her though,

Morita came between the two, explaining he had to defend his family.


Matt Peters did not want to fight Mr. Miyagi, but he was given no choice. The two fought for over three hours

in the Restaurant until the fight spilled into the street. It continued through the night until finally

one of the two emerged victorious.


Pat Morita is now buried next to his daughter-in-law and the family has sworn to never

eat at Friendly's again.

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