1. One that embodies the qualities of a god.




    Do you find yourself still wondering who Steve Ortiz is? This is understandable, do not fault yourself for this. For reasons unfathomable to we mortals, Mr. Ortiz has chosen a life of virtual obscurity.


Fortunately, in the world of today, when so many thirst for affirmation, many seek out answers. This is how Steve was found and this website is a compilation of information gathered on Steve Ortiz.

For a brief synopsis on Steve Ortiz, you need look no further than the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, which has the following entry in regards to the life of Steve Ortiz:



    Although this write-up is incomplete, and littered with inaccuracies, it does give us insight into the nature of Steve Ortiz. We hope to clear up any flaws in this entry through this webpage, which we hope will become a compendium of information about Steve Ortiz that others can look to as a beacon of knowledge about the being many have come to call "Ortiz."


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