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News and Updates


This section of the website details changes made to the website recently.



                        05-Mar-2006 -

                                            This weekend I've been working on the page some.

                                            Most recently, I've been working on some fan fiction geeky shit, which is constantly updated.

                                            It never makes the news page though because it's so dorky.

                                                - Updates to YTMND Page.

                                                - New Pages for Matt Peters: Celebrity Killa!


                        14-Jan-2006 -

                                            Saturday. A boring one. I worked on the page some.

                                                - New YTMND Page.


                        13-Jan-2006 -

                                            Friday the 13th! And I have no work today... Excellent. I made a few changes.

                                                - New Section: News & Updates

                                                - New Headers

                                                - Updated Wishlist under Virtual

                                                - Updated Songs in Music under Reality


                                            Coming SoonTM!

                                                - Updates to WWSD

                                                - Updates to MVP

                                                - New Page for YTMND

                                                - New Pages for City of Heroes/Villains MMO